Companies such as Virgin, Apple, Google and Microsoft are all desirable places to work. This doesn’t come naturally, it comes with a strategic plan and great work benefits in order to attract the best talent.

Not only does their way of work attract new talent, it also helps retain it. Here are some techniques used by large organisations that help them retain their talented workforce.


Passion is infectious. Especially when it comes to work ethic and behaviours. Virgin’s Richard Branson believes that if staff have a passionate leader or manager, this eventually will rub off on them and those around them. Having an equal goal to work towards gives staff direction and purpose to keep them motivated.

Branson states in an article written by Virgin that “When you believe in something the force of your convictions will spark other people’s interests and motive them to help you achieve your goals.”

This passion can then be reflected in your marketing, PR and branding. This will help share with the outside world how you’re a passionate workforce who motive their staff to do well.

Work Culture and Work-Life balance

Working the traditional 9-5 hours doesn’t seem to be the norm anymore. Companies such as Google allow their staff to work where they want and when they want as long as they get the work done. This is a great benefit for those who have families or who work better in a different environment other than an office. It’s about being open minded and allowing your staff to work in a way that suits them.

Not only this, but it’s also worth investing in your staff’s health. Many companies now offer health and well being apps to their workforce to ensure they are taking better care of themselves. According to GetApp, over half of workers will consider leaving if companies show no support to staff’s health or well being. There are plenty of wellness apps to choose from, you can find some here.

Pay and Perks

Pay is obviously an attractive element to working, why else would we do it? People like to feel appreciated and feel as if they are getting their worth. Ensuring you pay your staff a decent amount of money will bode well for the image of your business and will easily allow you to attract better talent.

If budget is an issue – perks can be equally as inviting. Having a decent discounts package, maternity and paternity package or holiday allowance can all benefit your business and make your employees feel like they are getting something back from their hard work and efforts.

In all, staff want to work for an employer who listens, cares and helps them to reach their goals. You can do this by supporting them with added work benefits. In return you will get motivated and passionate staff which is a key driver for your talent attraction strategy. It’s important you consider these elements in order for potential staff to feel like they will be apart of something where they will be valued.

True talent attraction stems from the core of your business, if you don’t support and actively improve your attraction strategy then it will be a difficult task to recruit those that are most skilled.

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Shahrukh Marfatia

Ajay Sandhu is Senior Vice President – Sales for WhiteCrow. Ajay and his team reach out to new and existing businesses, identifying their challenges and working with the operations teams to devise bespoke solutions.

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