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We provide you with a comprehensive view of the available talent landscape by leveraging a wide range of talent sources - our curated talent pool, country & industry specific online portals and passive candidates (individuals with no or a limited online presence).

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Geographical Distribution

All Geographical DistributionInformation Technology Geographical DistributionManufacturing and Industrial Geographical DistributionOil & Gas and Utilities Geographical DistributionFMCG & Retail Geographical DistributionFinancial Services Geographical DistributionHealth Care Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Geographical DistributionConstruction & Engineering Geographical DistributionTelecom & Media Geographical DistributionHuman Resource & Education Geographical DistributionOthers Geographical Distribution

Online vs Offline

All Online vs OfflineInformation Technology Online vs OfflineManufacturing & Industrial Online vs OfflineOil Gas and Utilities Online vs OfflineFMCG & Retail Online vs OfflineFinancial  Service Online vs OfflineHealth Care Pharmaceuticals & medical Online vs OfflineConstruction & Engineering Online vs OfflineTelecom & Media Online vs OfflineHuman Resource & Education Online vs OfflineOthers Online vs Offline

Gender Diversity

All Gender DiversityInformation Technology Gender DiversityManufacturing & Industrial Gender DiversityOil Gas and Utilities Gender DiversityFMCG & Retail Gender DiversityFinancial  Service Gender DiversityHealth Care Pharmaceuticals & medical Gender DiversityConstruction & Engineering Gender DiversityTelecom & Media Gender DiversityHuman Resource & Education Gender DiversityOthers Gender Diversity

Years of Experience

All Years of ExperienceInformation Technology  Years of ExperienceManufacturing & Industrial Years of ExperienceOil Gas and Utilities  Years of ExperienceFMCG & Retail Years of ExperienceFinancial  Service Years of ExperienceHealth Care Pharmaceuticals & medical Years of ExperienceConstruction & Engineering Years of ExperienceTelecom & Media Years of ExperienceHuman Resource & Education Years of ExperienceOthers Years of Experience

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