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We serve a wide variety of companies (including over seventy of the Fortune 500) with global headcounts ranging from 600 to 600,000 employees.

Our Work

Who We Are

WhiteCrow is a global talent
research, insight and pipelining specialist with offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India.

Who We Are

WhiteCrow Research serve internal talent acquisition
teams of a wide variety of companies including over seventy of the Fortune 500, giving them a better understanding of their talent landscapes so they can deliver more direct hires.

When formed in 2007, WhiteCrow provided executive search firms with their research data and candidate generation, and then as acquaintances moved in house to take up talent acquisition roles we were called upon to deliver flexible, scalable and cost effective solutions that would enhance and add value to direct sourcing functions.

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Our Services

Our aim as a partner is to provide flexible, scalable and cost effective solutions that can enhance and add value to your direct sourcing function.

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Research, Mapping and Candidate Generation

WhiteCrow’s research and mapping work enables organisations to get a full view of a particular talent landscape by looking directly inside peers and industry competitors.

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Executive Research

WhiteCrow provide a full executive/direct search service and produce similar desired outcomes to traditional head-hunters, but at a significantly lower cost to the organization.

Insight and Intelligence

Our insight and intelligence projects help build a richer picture of your talent landscape and prospective markets.

Talent Pooling & Communities

A bi-product to many of our insight projects and a growing trend in the last 2 years has seen us “map” talent pipelines, so that firms can identify and assess future talent targets before they are needed.


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