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Research & Sourcing

Our tech-powered offering connects you to the biggest talent community in the world.

At the click of a button, gain access to top quality candidates, talent insight and your very own dedicated WhiteCrow consultants.

Our Services

Talent Sourcing for
Live Roles

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Proactive Pipelining for
Anticipated Vacancies

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Talent Maps

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Competitor Identification
and Organisation
Structure Analysis

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Unlimited Hires At a Fixed Cost

Say goodbye to cost per hire. Our unique pricing model means you pay a fixed subscription fee for our consultants to integrate seamlessly with your in-house talent team. Whether you’re plugging a talent gap or aggressively building a team, your costs remain the same.

How it works

Describe Opportunity

1. Describe Your Opportunity

Tell us about the position - experience, skills, location, etc. Also what the ideal candidate for the position would look like.

2. Market Intel

Our system maps out the available talent pool in the given market and comes back with all the intel you need to make an informed decision.

Market Intel
Review Talent Pipeline

3. Review Talent Pipeline

Select from a pipeline of talent that is specially curated for you, using a combination of machine learning and WhiteCrow’s 500-strong sourcing & recruitment team.

4. Engage & Hire

Share talent with your hiring managers and gain consensus before you schedule an interview. Engage and close positions quickly and seamlessly.

Ready to Engage With the Best Talent?

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