WhiteCrow Research Armstrong Craven WhiteCrow Acquires Armstrong Craven: Redefining Excellence in Global Talent Solutions
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Here’s What Makes Us Special

We like to think our track record speaks for itself, but there are four key qualities that set us apart from our competitors


Our consultants are armed with our AI-powered talent search engine that allows them to find assess and engage ready now candidates at scale. You get access to our hiring platform to curate and collaborate all your hiring activity with our consultants.


Our AI powered technology platform builds talent analytics for every project we deliver. Additionally we conduct bespoke intelligence projects using primary research to deliver detailed reports to make strategic talent decisions.

Focus, Scalability & Flexibility

By outsourcing their sourcing activity our customers can focus on building relationships with their customers and candidates. Scale up and scale down your sourcing support inline with your dynamic business requirements.

Say Goodbye to Cost Per Hire

Fixed subscription fee. Access quality, interested and available talent across industries and geographies. Ready to engage talent, that enables you to fill for existing headcount, attrition and growth.


Senior positions closed

2.8 Million+

Niche & Senior Talent pool

$75 Million+

Total Saving for our clients

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